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Made for real dogs.
Made for real life.

Start with a childhood molded by life in Hawaii, add in a couple of dogs and you have the foundation that lead to the birth of Dublin Dog.

Jason Watson, the owner and creator of Dublin Dog, grew up on the shores of Hawaii where he spent most of his time in the ocean or on a mountain. His love for the outdoors dictated many things about everyday life including the need to wear waterproof, dirt proof and (let’s face it) stink proof watches.

Fast forward to 2006, driving home from a weekend adventure with his two dogs, Kona and Jake, Jason was taking note of the toll the trip had taken on his pup’s collars when he caught a glimpse of his watch and inspiration hit - what if I created something for dogs made from the same polymer material used in sports watches - a waterproof, non-porous dog collar that would prevent that all too familiar aroma of stale laundry that trailed us home from every adventure? Many months and hundreds of prototypes later, the “All Style, No Stink” collar was born.

Following the inception of his breakthrough product, Jason tapped into his sales and marketing experience to establish his new company: Dublin Dog, deriving the name from his Irish roots and the knowledge that having a little luck on your side never hurt anyone.

This VW bus, taken at Honolua Bay in Maui, HI embodies the eclectic, quirky, yet impassioned nature our team. No matter the means, we say follow your passion. For us, that passion is creating great products for dogs.

When it comes down to it, we’re just a bunch of outdoor junkies who really love our dogs.

Innovative ideas, a thoughtful passion (and maybe a little good fortune) has lead Dublin Dog to be a thriving company and supplier of dog products today. Creating products “Made for Real Dogs, Made For Real Life” Dublin Dog takes special care to ensure that all of their products look as good as they perform and are rooted in a fun, eco-minded foundation.

The Dublin Dog Way

Dublin Dog was originally created with one purpose in mind: make a dog collar that makes sense and looks as good as it performs. By using the best materials available and combining our E3 technology, we created the Original All Style, No Stink Dog Collar. This philosophy has become part of everything we do as we continue to develop and grow our product line. From our dog toys to our eco-Lucks Collection of leashes and collars, we make products that make sense for you, your dog and your environment.

The Dublin Dog Foundation

A nonprofit organization that promotes the use of dogs in therapeutic and service roles. The animals we support are more than pets, they guide the blind, comfort the terminally ill and, often literally, save lives. Learn more about the great work they are doing.