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Excuse me as I sew my leg up

A few weeks ago I found myself outside a coffee shop, chillin’ with the dogs and my two little daughters, enjoying a scalding hot chai latte. It’s great people watching, with tons of dogs making the Saturday voyage with owners in tow for the coffee and scone pilgrimage.


Suddenly I see my German Shepherd’s ears perk up, and Jake, my 110lb lab backs his rump into the bistro table, almost giving me a chai latte steam bath. With an outburst of giggles from my daughters, I see the culprits; two white cotton balls with four legs each. Cute dogs as they were, they gave new meaning to the word spastic. Needless to say, after watching their owner with her 37ft corded, retractable leash, I understood where they got it.

So do the math, two big breed dogs with a combined weight of 180 lbs, and two scrappy  powder puffs being held in check by what I can only imagine was steel guide wire. Needless to say, these two creatures, who were not wearing Dublin Dog collars by the way, weaved through my legs as if they were building Easter Baskets, all the while my children laughed and the dogs’ owner chirped, no hissed at her dogs to behave. The result, both of my legs looked like I was the cover model for Whippin’ Boy Weekly.

Folks, if you have less than "perfect" dogs, you may want to consider a flat, fixed length leash. Many, if not most dog trainers recommend a leash where you have more control, forcing your dog to follow your lead. As an example, hint, hint, wink, wink, consider the 5ft. eco-Lucks Leash from Dublin Dog Co. It’s the Goldilocks of leashes. Not too long, not too short, and certainly not too vein cutting sharp.

It was the best of days, it was the worst of days. We laughed, we cried, I bled, however the chai latte and orange scone was almost worth it. Happy weekend to you.

One thought on “Excuse me as I sew my leg up”

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    wow jason! sounds like quite the event! lol i totally agree though (with the fixed-length leash recommendation)..i used to have a doberman/german shepherd mix..when she was a pup there was no way i could have walked her with a retractable! it's much better and more beneficial to have the control for training purposes and courtesy purposes to fellow citizens lol

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