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Dublin Dog Announces new E3 Formulation

Dublin Dog just announced one of our newest secret weapons when battling dirt, grime, and all things nasty when speaking of dog collars. The highly anticipated new release of the Original All Style, No Stink dog collars set to arrive in early July will be comprised of a new E3 formulation, which stands for Extreme Element Elastomers. The Dublin Dog brand has been built around blending the best of fashion and function, and that has never been more true than with our latest release of our all element collars. Every year we listen to our customers, sometimes with smiles on our face, and other times it leaves us scratching our heads. "How can we make our products better and more effective?" The answer came from your suggestions. The new round of collars are thinner, softer, yet maintain a pull strength of over 1,200lbs per square inch of material. We've switched to a new double bar buckle, new d-rings, all with a sleek brushed satin finish. The other big move; producing our collars here in the USA! We feel we have the perfect trifecta now, better designs, better materials, and made in the USA. Now who's the lucky one? We all are.

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