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Where did all the collars go?

As many of you have noticed we are currently out of stock of 90% of the Original All Style, No Stink dog collars? "What's the deal with that?" you say. Well, unless your dog has drug you into the closet or buried you in the backyard you've probably heard a little something about Dublin Dog Co now producing our world renowned collars in the USA. That's right, starting the first full week of July, we'll begin selling our newest version of our versatile All Style, No Stink collars. However, while we've been in production with our new E3 formulation (see blog below), new tooling, and new hardware, we had to deplete our existing stock without manufacturing new inventory from our former factory, using our previous methods. Our success has been predicated on "going for it", taking chances where others were afraid to go. The result; a really good product that makes a lot of sense. However, through your feedback, comments, and wonderful stories, we've found ways to correct our mistakes, improve where we could, and make some advancements. The result is a brand new facelift to our tried and true product line. So thank you for your patience and we hope you love what you see, and feel. As a way of saying thank you for reading this blog, enter "blowout" at checkout to receive 50% off your order from June 29th-July 7th, 2011 on whatever Original All Style, No Stink dog collars are left in stock. It never hurts to have a few on standby. (supplies are limited) Lucky day to you and yours.

3 thoughts on “Where did all the collars go?”

  • Meg

    Every time I stop by your website, I'm impressed. We have a very active pup who was going through collars every few weeks. We bought a no-stink collar last year and with every day wear (swimming, rolling, hiking) it still looks brand new! You don't stop at a great product- you go above and beyond in eco-friendly products and now made in the USA- way to go guys! It makes me so happy that my pup can be so stylish and we can have a peace of mind where her collar is coming from.
    Keep it up! You guys rock!

    • Jason

      Meg, thanks so much for the great feedback. We are doing our best to make great products for the great folks like you and your dog who enjoy them. We learn new things everyday and it's folks like you who help shape the future of the company. Thanks again and happy trails to you and your dog.

  • Kelly Ann T

    I'm so thrilled to see something made in the USA. Thank you so much.

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