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Who’s the Lucky One?

Friends of Dublin Dog and their newly adopted adorable puppy. Friends of Dublin Dog and their newly adopted adorable puppy.

The Sochi strays are back in the headlines again, with the news that Gus Kenworthy’s adopted pups have landed here in the US. The plight of Sochi’s homeless dogs was one of the big stories leading up to the games, and the American freestyle skier was just one of the athletes who made good on his Olympic promise to rescue at least some of them. We think that’s pretty awesome.

We also know there are folks who’ll never make the news who do good work for dogs everyday. They volunteer in shelters, they help foster pets waiting on new homes and families, or donate to causes that keep animal rights on the front burner. There are veterinarians, lawyers and other pros who offer their services for free - just to save dogs just like these right here, every day. We’re humbled and grateful to know just a few of the many who do this good work.

And these dogs are just as grateful. You’ve probably seen the posts on these dogs going home from the shelters for the first time. You bet they’ll return the favor with the love and loyalty only a dog can dish out. Or maybe in an even bigger way. We’re sure this Michigan family isn’t second-guessing their choice to adopt a dog - after he saved their skins just a couple of weeks after they brought him home. Way to go, Hunter!

In this land of second chances, who knows how Kenworthy’s new best friends will turn out. Or the fate of any other adopted dog, for that matter. But without that second chance, they’d never get the opportunity to prove their worth, serve their purpose or fulfill whatever their destiny may be. We don’t have a crystal ball or anything, but we do know this: everybody loves a comeback story. Thanks to all of you who’ve helped make one happen!

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