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Meet Our Ambassadors!

Our 'pack' is continuously growing and we are absolutely stoked to introduce our Dublin Dog Ambassadors! These dog-lovin', outdoor-crazed folks and their active dogs represent us across the country by featuring and reviewing our products, blogging about Dublin Dog adventures and holding events featuring our exciting brand of active dog products. We interviewed our Ambassadors and will be featuring each of them (and their active pups!) here on our blog.

ameliakatmai1Our first featured Ambassador is Amelia Mayer and her 9 year old yellow lab, Katmai, from Yellowstone National Park, WY. They are living the Dublin Dog life in one of the most beautiful places in the entire world. Here's a look into their lives and the adventures they unleash almost every day...

DD: Complete the following: every day my dog and I…
AM: Walk, play at the playground and sometimes bike or run.

DD: What is your favorite thing about your dog?
AM: He loves to play and be a part of our family.

DD: What are your favorite places to go with your dog?
AM: Hiking – he’s happiest there off-leash and exploring.

DD: What are your favorite outdoor activities to do with Katmai?
AM: …hike, ski and walk!

DD: What is a fun fact about life with you and Katmai?
AM: The kids love him and he loves them.

DD: What is one thing you would never do without your dog?
AM: Camp first and foremost – he loves it and we love the added protection for the kids especially.

DD: Describe your dog’s ideal day…
AM: Waking up, going on a walk, hiking in the mountains and camping!

DD: What is the one thing your dog loves to do more than anything in the world?
AM: Go after a Frisbee:)

DD: What is your favorite Dublin Dog product and why?
AM: I love the Nomad pad! It’s the perfect bed for us to bring camping or traveling. Katmai still has his spot and we’re not bogged down by a giant bed!

DD: What is one sentence that you would use to sum up Dublin Dog?
AM: Products made for an outdoor lifestyle that fit active and happy dogs!

DD: Our Tagline is “Unleash Your Next Adventure”. Describe what that means to you and how it translates into the way you live your life?
AM: We are all about adventure in our family – Katmai fits right in on that! As a family, we love to explore and try new things (all outdoors, of course) and we believe adventure brings families closer together!

DD: Why is the Dublin Dog way of life a great fit for you?
AM: It is exactly what we live for – adventure without boundaries and exploration!

DD: ONE MORE…write your own question that you wish we’d ask and answer it.
AM: What’s your dog’s favorite weather? Katmai HATES being hot (just like the rest of us) and will jump in a lake or river with ice still on it. He looks for shade wherever he can find it and is happiest in the snow or cool temperatures!

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