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We often say that Dublin Dog is more than just a brand, it’s a lifestyle. That could not have been more true this past weekend in Wilmington, NC as the Dublin Dog Foundation, our 501C(3) non-profit presented a $25,000 check on behalf of 11-year old Lexi Haas of Charlotte, NC to cover the expenses of her new service dog “Gus”.

The Dublin Dog Foundation partnered with paws4people who are the driving force behind the actual breeding and training of the service dogs.  The process takes close to 1.5 years and begins with a highly selective breeding program that selects only the best traits for their labs and golden retrievers. These dogs then enter the federal prison system, you heard me right, where they are trained 24/7, 365 by female inmates who have earned the right to be admitted to this highly sought after program of highly skilled trainers. Finally, a “bump” occurs where potential recipients, including children with special needs, our Nation’s service men and women suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder), and everything in between meet the dogs. What makes this so unique is that the dogs choose the recipient, and not the other way around.  “When it’s right, it’s right and you just know”, says Kyria Henry, the CEO for paws4people.

So a huge thanks to the countless volunteers and Dublin Dog supporters who have helped to make this dream a reality for Lexi Haas and her family. Lexi is living with Kernicterus, which has left her wheelchair bound, and unable to speak. However, there is no denying her joy and the dramatic impact “Gus” has with her mobility, physical therapy, and overall companionship. So yes, Dublin Dog is more than just a brand, we’re a driving force in fostering the wonderful partnership between humans and their K9 companions. Lucky us!


As you may have heard, we’re a little obsessed with scent and odor over here, obsessed with eliminating it as much as possible that is. In fact, we’ve grown our brand from our meager beginnings in a spare bedroom back in early 2006 by creating the “Original All Style, No Stink” dog collar. Easy to clean, non-porous, and water tight materials created a barrier to help prevent the growth of odor causing bacteria on your dog’s collar. The ASNS collar as we refer to it was the catalyst behind our growth and the rest is history as they say.

Well we’re up to it again, except this time it’s about the scent of your sofa…. Your slumber series dog sofa. These beds are unique for several reasons. 1) They have a luxurious micro-fiber cover that’s easy to clean. 2) We use intelli-Loft™ recycled polyfill that is sewn into clump-free baffles to eliminate shifting. 3) We are using Scent-Lok® activated carbon alloy inside our polyfill. Our beds have incorporated cutting edge technology originally created in the scent elimination world  for hospitals, clinics, and even hunting sports. While we won’t bore you with a series of 6-syllable words, we will tell you what it means for you and our new Slumber series dog bed.  While you can clean your cover in the washing machine, how do you remove the odor from your large, polyfilled insert? Easy… you simply throw it in the dyer to reactivate the carbon alloy and the odor is eliminated. You can continue to do this every several months as you begin to detect odor from your insert. So let your dog be a dog, and get dirty, muddy, nasty, and stinky, we’ll continue to come up with ways to ensure your house doesn’t do likewise.

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It’s that time of year again when the air gets a little more crisp, the leaves on the trees burst into brilliant hues of yellow, orange, and glorious reds and we take time to hit the trail. There’s something almost therapeutic about getting outdoors with your dog and enjoying what nature has to offer. We use the mantra “disconnect to reconnect”, meaning put down the iphone, unplug from your email and enjoy the exercise and inspiration that a day outside with your pet can provide…..for both of you.

In this line of thinking, you’ll note that Dublin Dog has been expanding our line of products built for the outdoors, and helping to foster great adventures on the go. From our new Nomadic series of pads & collapsible bowls, to our growing line of KOA collars (some of which take inspiration from trout-filled Carolina streams), we will continue to grow our offerings that help facilitate outdoor play.  So steal a page from us here at Dublin Dog and disconnect & reconnect to nature, to your dog, and to yourself. You’ll be glad you did.

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At Dublin Dog Co, we realize our business and our products are only as good as the retailers and distributors who help promote them. So going forward, we want to help put the spotlight on those business who do it right and live out the Dublin Dog philosophy of creating your own luck and making a difference to our customers and dog lovers everywhere.

Our first feature is on Ketchum, Idaho's very own, Thunderpaws Pet Shoppe. Nestled right in the heart of main street Ketchum, owner Hurley Hamilton has spent the last twelve years catering to dog lovers and outdoor enthusiasts all around the Wood River Valley. Hurley focuses on giving back to her wonderful surroundings as much as she can by supporting the Wood River Valley Animal Shelter as well as the Environment Resource Center (ERC). Being a lover of the outdoors herself, Hurley loves skiing in the Winter with her granddaughter and hanging out at her cabin in the Summer. Being that Ketchum is a small town, Hurley has the benefit of walking to work with her dog and is only 5 minutes away  from the forest. So when pressed about her favorite place in Ketchum, she quickly responded with "everywhere".

Thunderpaws focuses on environmentally sustainable products and tries to rely on those made in the USA whenever possible. They share the Dublin Dog passion for getting out and getting active and Hurley Hamilton and her team do that with flare. Just take a look at their "Paw and Pole" event and you tell me if they're committed to making the most of your surroundings. Ineed, Hurley Hamilton and the staff at Thunderpaws have the right outlook on life, on their customers, and their pets. " I love having earned my grey hair, I no longer have to try so hard to be right about so many things. Age does mellow a person", says Hamilton. We know one thing for sure, when it comes to being RIGHT about great products and great nutrition, Thunderpaws in Ketchum Idaho is the place to go. We appreciate you and your great team!

Dublin Dog Co was just featured in the July Edition of Outside Magazine. The feature is called "The Outside Guide to Dogs" and I highly recommend grabbing a copy if you enjoy doing fun activities outside with your dog. Learn such things as: 1) Adventure Training 101 2)There are no unteachable dogs  3) Choose your adventure: sport specific tips for worry free play and of course 4) Gear of the Dog featuring the best equipment for your companion's next adventure including the Original All Style, No Stink "Tahitian Sky" collar for your's truly! It's cool to be the only product on the actual dog. Lucky Bastards!

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA (December, 2011) – Dublin Dog announced that Dogorama will be their newest distributor in the United Kingdom.   Dogorama will be in charge of expanding the Dublin Dog brand throughout the UK, while also providing faster, more efficient service to those customers throughout the EU.

"We're thrilled to have Dogorama as our newest distributor in the UK,” said Jason Watson, founder of Dublin Dog Co. “I feel their diverse background in technology and social media coupled with their passion for dogs and unique pet products is the perfect recipe for success. They understand that our products are more than just a commodity, but that they represent a certain type of lifestyle."

Before Dogorama started the founders launched Pet Pupz in early 2008, which is a Facebook game that allows users to adopt a virtual puppy. This was one of the first games to implement virtual currency and went from having 0 daily users to 30,000 within a few weeks. It then grew quickly to 150,000 daily players and has since gained a total of more than 3 million installs.

Then, they started in January 2010 as a general retail store supplying dog, cat and small animal products, which focus on high quality products that the company endorses and recommends to other pet lovers. They are now distributing Dublin Dog through their new business

"Dublin Dog is a fantastic brand with an ethos that really stands out,” said Matt Beswick, co-founder of Dogorama. “We really can't wait to get started and look forward to supporting what is sure to be massive growth over the coming months and years."

As some of you may know, I have been on both sides of the fence recently when it comes to lost pets. Last month, our German Shepherd Kona went missing for 24 hours, after wandering down the street while playing with a young lab. Surely I thought with a microchip she'll be home in no time once somebody calls 311, our number for Animal Care and Control. However this individual, thoughtful as she was merely brought our dog into her home to play with her dog and kept her for the night. Meanwhile, I walked, biked, and hiked through the night (she saw a flyer on her door and called the next night).  Now, just this Monday morning I found this little girl wandering the street in front of my home. As I was loading the dogs up for work, she came up to say "hello", and "I'm lost". I heard her loud and clear and the steps were in motion. Trips up and down the street on a leash, a visit to the vet to see if she was micro-chipped (no), and several dozen flyers placed throughout the neighborhood. Having learned from my own experience, we called Animal Care & Control and filed a report, however we opted to keep her at our house versus having her go live in a kennel throughout the holidays. As of this writing, she's still with us. I'm desperately telling myself that she merely ran away or got loose, as I would hate to think that somebody has abandoned her on purpose. However, a microchip, a tag, or tattoo would've remedied this situation with one phone call.

Here's a great little story on a reunion that was made possible after 3 years apart. During the holidays, please don't lose sight of your little friend(s) amidst the hustle and bustle of the season. And please, be sure to identify your dog(s) to the extent which you're comfortable, it could be the greatest gift you give YOURSELF.

Dublin Dog Co has just released our newest member to the Original All Style, No Stink family, and she packs a punch, a Poinsettia Punch that is. Modeled after our best selling collection, the Daisy Daze, our Poinsettia Punch features our brand new E3 formulation (Extreme Element Elastomers) with a color palette that just looks festive. The white background looks like crisp white snow, while the poinsettias seem to float right off the collar with their dimensional design. Even though the design features Poinsettias, they're abstract enough to work for both male or female dogs.  However, for those men who are a little scared of the flower power, Dublin Dog has released a brand new Simply Solid color way featuring traditional Red & Green, the hallmark color of the holidays. Whichever model you choose, any recipient will be overjoyed to be on your shopping list this season.

Two cockers plus one sunny afternoon and a big back yard. The ball has been played with, the pool sits silent, the two cocker buddies await their next move. Enter the Roxxter.

Roxxter is a fun toy for dogs from the Dublin Dog Company. Made in the USA, it is designed to make Fido think, try to dispense the treats and have a rolling good, intellectually stimulating time doing so.

Our trusty testers went tally ho and em”barked” (pun intended) on the Roxxter toys. We filled them with a few of their favorite treats and made certain the treats would not get stuck inside. The idea is to have the dog toss the toy around, get the treats out, and in the meantime, get a pretty fun cerebral workout doing so. Double cockers, double fun, two Roxxters and a yummy vanilla scent provided a half hour of giggles to the human pet parents. Supervision is recommended with this and any toy so Fido does not chew through it. However, the super tough material of the Roxxter did not get damaged by the cockers. Actually, after the treats were dispensed, these two buds decided to flip the toy in the air (no doubt, looking for more goodies).

The Roxxter is available and a variety of stores and online. Check out the Dublin Dog Company website at Dublin Dog Company. They retail at about 13.95 and wash clean quite easily; available in a variety of colors.
Note: We accept no monetary compensation for reviews. Review is NOT sponsored Dublin Dog Co and is the sole opinion of the reviewer for FIDO Friendly magazine. We welcome your feedback and comments.

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