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Grip Trek

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Grip Trek

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  • Revolutionizing leash! Review by Laura
    You don't realize what you're missing out of your basic leash until you walk your dog with these grip trek leashes. They are lightweight, durable and super comfortable to hold. The grippy texture makes it easy to hols the leash in various spots if you need to and the cushioned loop makes it extra nice on your hands. The color is really visible making it easy to see, whether you're searching the house for it or walking near cars. I paired it with a Koa Red Snapper collar making for the perfect combo! (Posted on 12/16/2014)
  • Lightweight and Grippy! Review by Tinna
    The first thing we noticed about this leash was its weight, or lack thereof. We frequently take the pup to off-leash parks, but still like to carry a leash. Luckily, this leash is light enough that we hardly notice that we're carrying something extra. When we do need to use the leash, the grippy texture gives us a good handle, especially when our pup suddenly sees something very interesting. The padded handle is a nice touch as well when holding on for longer treks. Added comfort? We'll take it. The collar clip (is that what it's called?) also works great. It's springy but smooth enough so that it doesn't get stuck when opening. It's a small detail that you would notice only after dealing with so many substandard clips in dog leashes. Overall, a great leash that seems durable - no fraying whatsoever. We'll keep putting it to the test! (Posted on 10/9/2014)
  • Overall
    My dog goes just about everywhere with me and that means that I am going to probably need a leash with me at all times, especially since my dog is an adolescent weimaraner, while well trained he still has his high energy moments. This leash has grip technology built throughout the leash so if you are in a crowd on need to shorten your dogs leash in a hurry all you have to do is grab any part of the leash and presto, shorter leash! The grip technology does not allow the leash to slide right through your hands if your dog starts to pull either. There is also a cushioned loop handle that has a great and comfortable feel for those long leash walks. The clip that attaches to the collar (I recommend a Dublin Dog KOA collar) is also heavy duty and is built to last! This leash is definitely worth it if you had any doubt before! (Posted on 10/2/2014)
  • Awesome Leash! Review by Melissa
    I love my new leash! After having a few different leashes that just didn't cut it, this one has changed my thinking on how important it is to have a good leash. It is strong, durable and feels like it will last a life time. I love that it has a soft, cushioned grab loop for when Cooper decides to pull, very nice on my hands. The bright red is perfect for night walks, you can definitely see me coming from afar. I would recommend this leash for anyone who would like to have a great walking experience every time they take their companion out. Thank you! (Posted on 7/25/2014)

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